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Business Travel after Covid-19

Business Travel will be same again after covid 19 vaccine come out. Now we have entered into a phase where we have light clearly visible at the end of the tunnel. There could have a lot of talks about the anomaly with the 1920 pandemic however level of research advancement has definitely made the human civilization more resilient, of course not immune to such danger. It was totally inconvincible a year ago that in such an age of modern technology and practical knowledge whole world can be made to stand still, but it happened. World will not stop and move again with full throttle of curse it will move forward with the lessons it has learned but those will not change the much way we live rather it has made us stronger to weather such calamities. Naturally initially there could be some resistance from the employees to get back to same routine as naturally lockdown has installed some changed habits of relaxed work from home and movement less work.

Business Travel

How Confident Bussiness traveler are

Post COVID questions are being asked about the confidence of the people to travel but a survey reveals the majority of them feel confident to travel again. Asian travelers would be the most confident to travel extensively again and explore. We have vaccines insight as well cures are already in place which would make life simple. We do have a lot of diseases which still exist but those are the way of life and it does not concern much to us. With Stronger medicines this would be a controllable situation, of course that does not mean carelessness. This crisis has definitely installed some good habits to maintain hygiene and of-course with the stretched duration they have become habits which means we have totally accepted them.

Choose Right Destination

Post-COVID destinations would have a challenge to market and make travelers more confident. The western world is not so crowded and they have social distancing already a way of their life and so naturally first few months regions like Asia and Africa would be on top to be avoided and these regions would have to compete hard. Experience and safety needs to be addressed together especially in leisure travel which is totally discretionary. As a Bussiness traveller, we need to look at some basic questions related to hygiene in public place

Ensure Safety

Experts have predicted a potential rebound for corporate travel once travel restrictions are lifted. However, before resuming business travel, companies must update their travel policies to keep up with the new rules proposed by airlines and hotels and to ensure the safety of their employees at their destinations.

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